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I am Dr Charmaigne March and I am passionate about helping people to build personal growth, find your truest self, find relief and change.

I am a qualified psychologist and counsellor and have been in private practice for more than twenty years.

I found my own growth, healing and inspiration as a adult child of an alcoholic was phenomenal after tackling my own journey with an amazing therapist who created a comfortable, reassuring environment.

I have equipped hundreds of clients with the tools they need to succeed.

I walk alongside you, until you comfortable and equipped with all the tools you need.


I have experience in the following:


Trauma Counselling

Understanding how past traumas can significantly impact our present lives is crucial. My approach is rooted in practical behavioural therapy, a method I’ve found to be profoundly effective in addressing and healing trauma.


Marriage Counselling

Recognising that every relationship faces its unique challenges, I employ a practical approach to therapy that emphasises open communication, mutual understanding, and actionable strategies for improvement.


Anxiety Disorders

I hold a particular focus on helping individuals overcome anxiety disorders, which can profoundly affect one’s quality of life. Rooted in behavioural therapy, my approach is tailored to address the specific patterns of thought that exacerbate anxiety.

Client P

“I have the highest regard for Dr. Charmaigne March. She is thorough resolute and patient.
Bringing to the fore all of her professionalism and commitment”


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Client A.

“Charmaigne has been a true ally to my journey to confidence. Through her unwavering support and attentive listening she has transformed my fears into strengths.”


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With over two decades of experience in psychology and counseling, my mission is to share insights, strategies, and stories that illuminate the path to understanding oneself and nurturing meaningful connections with others.

Each post is crafted with care, this blog is designed to be a resource for enlightenment, encouragement, and practical advice.

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